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Subway Surfers With a direct link, the latest version for mobile and computer

Subway Surfers With a direct link, the latest version for mobile and computer | EG STAR 

  • Game Description

Exclusively for EG STAR Subway Surfers game, you must run at full speed and try to escape from the police by accelerating and not joining the barriers through subway stations, as it has a lot of dangers and barriers that you must cross through to collect money as trains pass around you, whether moving or standing in place and at high speeds And your speed continues to increase with time, which makes the game more difficult. The game ends only when one of the train cars collides with the ground or barriers and the police officer catches you in the end.
Subway Surfers is a non-stop runner game. The game offers you to play as Jake in the beginning and there are many, many other characters that you can buy with the money you collect in the game, Jack who crosses the subway, crosses barriers and tries to escape from the angry policeman and his dog. To win you have to dodge hurdles, trains, hurdles and more run as far as you can in a game and the more time you have to run endlessly.

  •  What are the most important features of the game subway?

By running you can collect coins and chests to collect money, boosts and special gear to help you unlock new characters that help you have more fun playing Subway Surfers. Coins you collect while running can also be used to unlock characters and buy gift boxes and different boards. You can also use your keys, which the game provides for free, and initially provides you with 5 keys to revive you when you fall, you can also switch between characters and upgrade your skateboard Increasing the period of use of the rewards when playing in order to use them for the longest time. Subway Surfers was created by a partnership between Kiloo and Sybo companies in March 2012. It is still one of the most downloaded and popular games on the app store on the Internet.

  • How to play the game Subway Surfers by computer and phone?

Play this game on PC using your keyboard:
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Left Arrow - Move to the left Right Arrow - Move to the right
Al-Mastra to jump 
 down arrow to move down

To get a Subway

for Android system