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Top Free Offline Games for Android

Top Free Offline Games for Android - EG STAR 

Top 10 best online games for Android phones - EG STAR

Many of us are looking for online games to communicate with friends or play online with many people around the world, which increases the spirit of challenge and excitement. In our article, we have provided the Top 10 online games. Android games have developed very dramatically in the recent period, followed by a great development in smartphones.
We are back with a list of fresh and cost-free Android games for the month of October 2024 that you will undoubtedly enjoy. It goes without saying that today's most enjoyable activities are video games. We are seeing powerful games that practically compete with computer games and other specialised game consoles thanks to the enormous increase in game production, particularly on smartphones and primarily Android phones.
Due to this dreadful trend, we no longer accept older, less complex games and instead strive to obtain the newest, most exciting games. This is all due to the fact that new games are downloaded on Google Play each month. Our goal on this site is to compile these games and provide you a brief explanation of each one that merely explains the game's basic concept. So let's learn about the top Android games of 2024.

Top 10 Android Games 2024 - EG STAR

- The top Android games, both free and premium, that can be played offline. The first phase, which includes 15 Android mobile offline games that you may play without an internet connection, will be presented to you in 2022. There are many games that require an Internet data connection in order to be played or run. similar to Clash of Clans or all Battle Royale games.

However, there are times when you need good games but do not have an internet connection, for instance when you are outside the house and have no Wi-Fi or data connection with you. This series will continue throughout the year in parts so that you can review the games section or the applications section at intervals and keep up with the new parts.

  • (Subway Surfers)

Download the latest version of the popular Android game Subway Surfers, which is regarded as one of the most entertaining games ever created. For use by trains.
And thus, the game Subway Surfes begins. In this game, you must avoid being caught by the police as much as you can in order to gain points and collect gold coins. To do this, you must sprint, hop between trains, and avoid raging trains while avoiding obstacles in order to avoid being caught.

Download Subway Surfers latest version from here

  • (Candy Crushing)

This game, which involves eating candy, is one of the most played ones for Android and smartphones right now. Puzzle game Candy Crush has become highly popular recently and has been downloaded more than 500 million times on the Google Play Store, second only to the well-known Subway Surfers game. Candy Crush's goal is to place similar squares adjacent to each other in order to score points, and so forth. The game consists of numerous distinct stages that must be completed, each of which offers 400 levels of sugar and is more challenging than the one before it.

Download the latest version of Candy Crush from here

Best Android Games 2024 Offline in a small size - EG STAR

Top Android Games 2024 Offline in a small size for free, high-definition Android offline games, download 2024 games without the internet, the best offline games for Android in 2024, download the best Android games without the internet, and we'll show you the top 5 Android games with a direct link and some details about each one.

  • (Shadow Fight 2)

Shadow Fight 2 free game for Android Download the full version of the high-tech combat game Shadow Fight. In it, you can take on the role of a strong player and equip yourself with a variety of different tools and weapons in order to defeat rival players who each have their own unique strategies and behaviours. This game was created especially for Android phones and tablets.

Download Shadow Fight 2 latest version from here

  • (Asphalt Nitro)

The number of downloads for Asphalt Nitro through Google Chrome applications has surpassed 100 million, and the game has largely taken the top spots for fans of international car racing games and its contemporary car brands, such as Lamborghini Veneno. The player in this game can enjoy the qualities that each car depends on that enable it to successfully complete the challenge.

Download the latest version of Asphalt Nitro from here

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