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Pubg Mobile for Android latest version with direct link for free

  Pubg Mobile for Android latest version with direct link for free | EG STAR

PUBG MOBILE is the global version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, a very fun fighting game. And when you log in for the first time, you must log in with Gmail or your Facebook account, it is linked here to your Google Play account, which means that you do not have to create a special account

Pubg Mobile for Android latest version with direct link for free | EG STAR

for the game.

In the game PUBG MOBILE you participate in the game with one hundred real players at the end of the game there is only one player left to close the zoon and win. If you want to be a winner, you have to roam the island collecting the best medical bags and weapons that you can find here and there. It is better to be fast because the game is full of other players who want to eliminate you to win and collect your weapons and make more KILLs, because the size of the playing area shrinks every few minutes, .so you must follow the map every while to know your location

PUBG MOBILE APK game with direct link for Android APK. It is the most popular action, combat and adventure game on the Internet without a doubt in recent years and it is a game that tops all games, with more than a billion players around the world playing it. Rarely will you find an unreal player. The game allows you to play alone or in a team that you also join and enjoy the battles with others in .different maps

  Register for the PUBG game

PUBG Mobile, the game provides you with more than one method available to create an account in different ways. The easiest and fastest way is to register with a Facebook account by clicking on the Facebook registration icon. You will automatically find a list of your friends on Facebook Join you in the game to play with them, and everyone who has an account in the game and your friend on Facebook you will find in the game who have accounts in the game, so you do not need to search for your friends in the game PUBG to play with them in PUBG.

  Royal pass

PUBG is based on a season-based system, and the season lasts about 8 weeks. And you can charge the season and get many clothes and weapons this season up to 100 levels Each level will face more difficult players and their level is higher than before. You can charge Royal Pass Membership in PUBG Mobile Apk for $10 UC Coin only on your account. To get all the legendary gifts and prizes this season and be distinguished from your friends. Examples include color-coded weapons and cars from UC Chargers, as well as an assortment of eyewear, legendary hats, masks, and uniquely colored UC Charger backpacks.

After the season ends, all players are reset to zero and you have to charge again to get the new season's rewards, clothes and weapons. Prizes change with the start of any new season. The players who have recharged UC get unprecedented advantages by obtaining advantages that distinguish them from other players. This is the highest profitable smartphone game of all time.

 Features of PUBG Mobile Apk

 It has ships, cars, helicopters and motorcycles in a distinctive way, as it is an integrated game.
It has different types of firearms and other fighting tools.
The battles take place on a vast virtual open world.
The abundance of weapons, medical materials, resources and equipment in the players' battlefield.
 Voice chats with exceptional excellent quality that provide great communication.
 Endless daily and weekly colorful gifts, rewards and weapons.

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