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Traffic Rider is a free game with a direct link For Android and PC

Traffic Rider is a free game with a direct link For Android and PC

 Exclusively for EG STAR Traffic Rider is one of the most important and first games downloaded on the Bally Store and it is one of the speed and action games in which the player drives his motorcycle at full speed on the racing road and tries to win crossing barriers and cars as quickly as possible and he must be attentive because he will find obstacles in the race and lead the player every time Motorcycle at full speed. And pass through large and small cars.

Traffic Rider is a speed, racing and action game in which the driver rides motorcycles and drives at full speed through cars and tracks. It is a very fun game that depends on concentration and driving skill.

How to play Traffic Racer?

The game depends on speed and attention, and you must move right and left through the arrows shown on the mobile screen, and you must increase your speed with time to win.

 The method is as follows:

When you click on the right side, you move to the right side, and when you click on the left side, you move to the left side of the bike. All you have to do is tilt the device to the appropriate side, and you collect more points that help you develop and buy in-game.

Traffic Rider Features

  • Traffic Rider allows you to compete with other players online with real people from all over the world
  • The game provides the camera perspective you want, providing you with an excellent viewing and gaming experience
  • It makes you choose between the many motorbikes that you can drive in Traffic Rider
  • An amazing realistic game that makes you hear the sounds of bikes around you as if it were real with the racing road simulating reality
  • The game supports more than 30 languages
  • A game that is small in size for the fun it offers

Requirements to run the game on your device

  • Android 5.0 and above
  • Provides space for the game to download on the device

Traffic Rider latest version 2024 for AndroidClick here for the original version

Traffic Rider latest version 2024 for PC Click here